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We are proud members of the Hampshire Astronomical Group where we do most of our imaging work. Some of the time we use our own telescopes from our gardens, some of the images from these are added to this site.

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The Moon, Venus & Mars

Featured in Misc Images

Date Taken: 03 Dec 2016
Camera: Canon 550D DSLR
Exposures: ISO 800 - 6 sec exposure @ f/4.5
Extras: Taken at the Clanfield Observatory

Taken at the Clanfield Observatory just before we had an Open Evening. 

Sunspot AR 2192

Featured in Solar

Date Taken: 20 Oct 2014
Scope: AstroPhysics Starfire 7in APO refractor
Camera: Imaging source DMK51AU02.AS
Exposures: frames: 833 at 12 Frames per second

Filters: Baader Continuum filter/ 3xND 8xND filters/ Intes 2" Herschel Wedge.

Software: Virtualdub/ photoshop/ Autostakkert II and Lucy Richardson Deconvolution 


Featured in Remote Telescopes

Date Taken: 14 Nov 2011
Scope: Slooh Telescope Mt Teide

16 Images made into an animated GIF

The first moon and shadow to cross Jupiter is Io and the lower moon and shadow was Ganymede  

Space Shuttle Astronaut Painted by Steve Knight

Featured in Astro Art

Probably one of my favourite paintings I have painted. A good friend gave me the original NASA picture and said "paint this" I took a look and thought there was no way i could do it, but was up for the challenge.

I was really pleased the way it turned out, kind of surprised myself. 

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